About the Book

Welcome to the “back story” of my new book Spirit Love!

Who am I? What is it that I am supposed to be doing with my life? These are the two seminal "Spirit Love by Joan Chisholm"questions I have been asking myself since I was eighteen years old.

But a sudden, impending separation from my husband, after twenty-eight years of marriage, forced me to focus my attention on my life and my dreams. My future was at stake, and it was sinking out of sight. My usual optimism had been assaulted. I urgently needed to answer these questions. Thinking of my future, I sought counselling. A question was posed: What was I doing with my life? My mind opened itself, allowing me to connect my present unhappiness to the unhappiness I felt in not pursuing my long-held dream of being a writer. Several synchronistic events happened rapidly; one was seeking and finding a different kind of counsellor to help me discover my new life. I wanted to know what kept me from writing when it was all I thought about doing every day of my adult life. This counsellor introduced me to my spiritual guides.

At a young age, I had expressed my individuality by writing poetry and prose sporadically. I was not aware of it at the time, but writing was my natural and earliest attempt to answer my question about the purpose of my life. I began to know myself by reviewing the values and philosophies I have lived by, and the encouragement I gave others to express themselves by using their gifts to live a passionate and fulfilling life. This review helped me to start writing again with greater determination and discipline.

"Spirit Love Back Cover by Joan Chisholm"Comforted and encouraged by the detailed help I received from my spiritual guides, I delved further into my writing past. Archeological digs into a box of my early writing gave flesh and bones to my lost dreams. Seeing the evidence of my old passion motivated me to act. I blew on the remaining embers, and the fire of writing was rekindled. I burned away non-writing habits that resisted change. My long-buried dream to become a writer grew in intensity and became real. Memories of my past writing encouraged me to write again and were strengthened by an unseen and powerful organizing mechanism. I sensed that I was being guided.

Spirit Love traces the journey I was compelled to take. It shows the precise steps I took to fulfill and realize my writing dreams. Through daily meditation with my spiritual guides, my focus grew stronger and my desired outcomes became manifest. Spirit Love relates how I manifested my passion for living a purposeful and self-fulfilled life.

Below are the questions I asked myself, and the answers gave me the clarity to change from being afraid of being myself to being courageous:

Am I soulfully happy with my life? What would make me soulfully happy?

Do I make choices based only on societal and familial expectations?

Do my choices reflect my true feelings?

Am I living my life based upon who I am?

What are the real and truthful definitions I hold of myself?

Spirit Love is the story of how to access your authentic self. It encourages you to draw a cohesive map of your inner and outer worlds. The map outlines possibilities that were once hidden. Spirit Love can show you how to change your existing life for the life you want.

Your dream is your aspiration, your possibility, your hope, and your ideal. It is born from the bountiful and boundless chimera, the wild creativity, of your imagination alone. It’s a sure thing!

Our spiritual guides, our angel, and our God or Goddess selves are all waiting to help us. Ask for their help and then follow the intuitive suggestions they offer to you. Take the action necessary to move forward to achieve the life you want. The spiritual help offered comes from a source that replenishes itself eternally.

“The greatest discovery I have made is that we are not alone.”

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Joan Chisholm